Food and Beverage Promotion, Pin Lexuan-2022

【Food and Beverage Promotion】Pin Lexuan-2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box It is a poetic and picturesque gathering festival that warmly invites relatives and friends to share the reunion time, feel the joy of gathering under the bright moon, and taste the ingenious Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.

Food and Beverage promotion

【Food and Beverage Promotion】Heyang Western Restaurant-Shuhuo Brunch The holiday is coming, and the daily routine will be transformed into a holiday mode.A beautiful day starts with a pleasant first bite of food, a comfortable brunch, and a pleasant debut!

Feng Yixuan Artwork Exhibition and Sale

【Announcement】Feng Yixuan Artwork Exhibition and Sale Venue: Fengyixuan on the first floor of the Convention Center Time: Monday to Sunday 09:00-18:00 New planning concept, contact with artistic connotation, experience the beauty of life, from now until August 31st, Fengyixuan art exhibition and sale will be comprehensive 68 There are various kinds of art,Welcome to visit and … Read more

Shang Hexuan Chinese Restaurant – Takeaway

【Food and Beverage Promotion】Shang Hexuan Chinese Restaurant – Takeaway Combining the essence of Cantonese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine, it combines traditional and contemporary sea and land cuisine. Even if you cannot go out to eat a big meal, you must have a sense of ritual when you eat every day

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